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Procurement of a Consultant to Conduct A Review of Job Evaluation, Classification, Organizational and Salary Structure

Terms of Reference



The specific objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  1. To undertake a comprehensive Job Analysis and Evaluation of all existing jobs at Grenada Airports Authority to ensure alignment of remuneration, functions and classification levels.
  2. To revise and recommend a salary structure appropriate to the Authority’s job roles and capabilities.
  3. To set the foundation for the implementation of current HR initiatives in the area of performance management.


Scope of Work

  1. The selected individual will review the existing organization structure, conduct a comprehensive Jobs/Functions Analysis  associated with this structure and recommend improvements to reflect GAA’s job function, role and capability requirements.
  2. The individual will propose an improved salary structure, related job evaluation criteria, and remuneration commensurate with the job market.
  3. The assignment will recommend a process to transition to any proposed new structure.


Detailed Tasks

The selected individual will:

  1. Work closely with the CEO/Director of Operations/Human Resources Manager/Finance Manager during the review process.
  2. Review all relevant documents regarding the current GAA’s organizational structure, job functions and specification and salary classification and scale.
  3. Review available GAA workforce planning and relevant database information.
  4. Develop a new organizational structure, job and salary classification and criteria that align with GAA’s structures and reflect the level of remuneration that matches job requirements, responsibilities and the current job market.
  5. Develop evaluation criteria for each salary level and a process to transition from the current salary structure to any new structure proposed.


Expected Outputs

  1. An interim report on the review of the existing organizational structure, job classifications and specifications and salary classification and structure in relation to the requirements of job functions and roles within the GAA.  This report should also provide an internal and external market comparison of current pay and grading structures.
  2. A proposal for an improved salary classification and remuneration structure.
  3. Evaluation criteria to evaluate and transition current positions and appoint new job roles to any proposed new structure.
  4. A final report of review conclusions and proposals for the following:

               a. A defined organizational structure;

               b. A comprehensive job classification and specification

               c. A salary classification and remuneration structure.


Duration of Assignment

The task is expected to be completed within six (6) months from the date of signing of the contract.  The selected individual, therefore, is required to prepare and submit the entire work plan in a way that enables the achievement of all assignments and expected outputs within the targeted period.



  1. Post Graduate Qualifications in Human Resource Management, Economics, or related fields.
  2. Proven track record in the area of compensation and benefit analysis.
  3. Experience in the field of Human Resource Management.
  4. Familiarity with Labor Market issues.
  5. Ability to render consulting services in the most professional, effective and efficient manner.
  6. Excellent writing and presentation skills.


Requirements for Submission of Proposals

All interested and qualified candidates should submit proposals (Technical and Financial Proposals separately) no later than 16th June, 2017 to

The General Manager

Grenada Airports Authority

P.O. Box 385

ST. GEORGE’S                        


Via electronic mail to:  

Unsuitable candidates will not be acknowledged.