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Aircraft Fees

Operating Hours: Operating Hours 6:00AM - 10:30PM
 Landing:                                                Minimum charge $20.00
                                                                   10'000 lbs or less - $2.50 per 1000 lbs or part thereof
                                                                   10'000 lbs - 350'000 lbs - $3.25 per 1000 lbs or part thereof
                                                                   350'000 lbs and over - $600.00 plus $2.20 per 1000 lbs or part thereof

Nav/Com:                                             12'500 lbs or less - $30.00
                                                                   12'501 lbs - 75'000 lbs - $50.00
                                                                   Over 75'000 lbs - $125

Parking Fees:                                      First six (6) hours - Free
                                                                   Minimum charge - $5.00
                                                                   15% of landing fees for 24 hours or part thereof

Overtime Charges:                           $2,375.0 per hour or part thereof as of 10:30 p.m. local time

Cargo (Throughput) Charge:      A charge is imposed on the throughput cargo at the following rates, payable by the
                                                                   owner/operator of the aircraft or his agent:
                                                                   Imports:                                    Rates:
                                                                   General Cargo                         .25cents per kilo
                                                                   Fruits, vegetable, fish,           .03 cents per kilo
                                                                   General cargo                          .10 cents per kilo

                                                                   Exemptions: a) Her Majesty's Mail
                                                                                           b) Goods instrantsit, for the operation of and aircraft

Airport Facilitation Charge:        $20.00 per arriving passenger
(IATA Code: VW)                                   Exemptions: Intransit passengers (Direct Transit)
                                                                   Aircraft's crew
                                                                   Person taking part in training flights

Airport Concourse Fee:                 $16.20 for each departing passenger
(IATA Code: JF)

Airport Service & Security Charge: 
(IATA Code: OS)                                    $60.00 for each departing passenger
                                                                   Exemptions: Intransit passengers (Direct Transit)
                                                                   Children under 2 yrs
                                                                   Aircraft's crew

Airport Capital Improvement Surcharge:
(IATA Code: YV)                                     $20.25 for each departing passenger     
                                                                    $20.25 for each arriving passenger


(All charges listed In Eastern Caribbean currency XCD)
(Exchange rate 2.65 XCD/US)